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e encountered Celeste, who had been hovering in the hall, apparently listening. Quietly Kennedy beckoned her down the hall, away from [259] the door we had just left, while he paus

ed a moment to question her. "I wish you would refresh your memory, mademoiselle," he began, suddenly. "Are you sure—absolutely sure that on the night Mr. Wilford was murdered madame was here—that she was not out—at all?" His tone was such as to imply, not suspicion, but certainty that Celeste had been lying, th

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at Mrs. Wilford had been out. "Oh, but yes, monsieur," Celeste replied, glibly. "I was with madame all the evening. No—no—she was not out. She was here—all the evening—waiting for him. I can swear it. How many times must I sw

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ear it—to you—to those—those beasts!" Celeste nodded outside. Kennedy smiled. "Who should know better than I what madame was doing?" continued Celeste, vehemently. Kennedy did not pursue the sub

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